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Visual contrast simulator#3

Sent in from a designer using Stark.

While the contrast checker is currently as complete as other tools I’ve seen, a visual approach similar to the color blindness mode I think would be more useful and quicker to use. If you’ve used the NoCoffee simulator for web pages, that’s essentially the set of simulation effects I’d like to use when checking a design.

Additionally for the numeric contrast results, it would be great to have:

A manual spot check (two draggable, zoomed targets?) that updates in realtime.
Automatic highlighters (color fills or outlines) for all areas of the view which won’t meet AA and AAA ratios, respectively.

ALSO: I was thinking something like this maybe:

I think it would be fine if it was only when Stark is engaged—freezing the display—but I wouldn’t be opposed to an all-the-time capability of having areas highlight while editing.

4 years ago