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Please restore the overlay#13

Hopefully there are plans to restore the overlay filter functionality. I like the new quick artboard export feature, but the way it worked like a “lens” over my work was super-convenient. The workflow of selecting an artboard to view feels “detached”. Not everything I do is neatly organized in named artboards all the time.

3 years ago

@Boogie_tps We hear you. We also would prefer to be able to drag the window around. We can see times where it’d be useful for moving it out of the way a bit. But sadly this is not something we can fix until Sketch allows draggable regions on Frameless Windows.

Having completely different design and in turn code across (soon to be) 4-5 different design software is simply not maintable so we had to make some sacrifices. With that said, we know the draggable window was something everyone, including us (!) loved, so we have a really awesome solution coming :) <3

3 years ago

Cool, I’m excited to see what’s coming :) My motivation behind wanting the overlay came from designing desktop-sized UIs on large artboards and wanting to see the impact of colours used in relatively small icons etc. Now it’s harder to quickly get the sense of that while zoomed out to these artboard-sized previews. Would either of these alternative workflows be feasible?

Select objects (whether in an artboard or not) > Run Stark > Stark previews the selection as if it was already in an artboard neatly circumscribing my selection.

OR: Run Stark > I can choose an artboard (like it currently does) but I also have a “selection rectangle” option that I press > the UI minimizes and lets me drag out a selection rectangle > I draw the rectangle around my objects of interest > Stark comes back and shows that selection as if it was in an artboard of the same size.

3 years ago